World’s #01 3d printer provider
now serving in Kuwait

3D PRINTA has worked with companies in many different fields, taking on projects with radically different requirements and challenges.

At 3D PRINTA, we build the next generation of 3D modeling & printing. 3D PRINTA uses a combination of multiple technologies and skills to produce highly detailed and realistic objects that can be used for daily life and showcases. we have the capability to scale up the model up to mega sizes and down to micro sizes.

3D PRINTA designs and implements VIP Trophies diffrently and uniquely that exceed standards. Our rtophies are custome designed to suit all fields and make the honoring occasion unique. Reference images and photos of your ideas can easily be converted o a 3D Model here, at 3D PRINTA. Our 3D Models are made from a mixture of materials with great quality and standard so you can honor with pride.

Our Special trophies are created using a mixture of materials and technologies in order to convert a creative thought or idea into a real 3D trophy design. At 3D Printa these special trophies are designed and printed with quality and precision