3D Scanning

We can scan in great detail anything from families for memories, to art projects for a different perspective. Human scans can also be later modified and used to in augmented reality applications such as a VR game. 3D scanning of a uniques object can allow to make molds for it. With the digital 3D files created it will be easy to 3D print any part at any time in the future or re-print these files with different sizes or scales


3D Scanning for any object bigger than 5 CM

Anything from a tie pin to a full size car can be scanned in great detail and 3D models and resultantly 3D prints created from it

It is widely used in reverse engineering to recreate parts of machines digitally and better understand how they work, it has a huge potential in education as a result

Scanned using handeled scanner


3D Scanning for tiny object

We can scan and create 3D moodle for tiny objects that cannot be noticiable via eyes

Scanned using microscopes


3D Scan using booth

360degree portable booth scanner can be shifted and install anywhere easily It uses advanced technology in images processing and many types of different sensors that create a frigurines,

It can be used in several places to save the memories instead of just simple photos, also it may be used in marketing campaigns to create human Figurines with custom dressing

Scanned Using Booth

Do you want to 3D scan something?

3D scan for your memories or your unique itmes to have them actualized

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