3D Printing

Through the 3D printing process, the 3D digital files are taken into the next level in which the object becomes tangible and realistic with it’s complete texture. Nevertheless, the digital file of-course can be printed in different sizes, colors and materials on demand.


3D Printing with highly blended colors

Printing in full color and with high details it's the most diffcult process, but with printa this proccess becomes much easier and available for every enginner, designer, scientist and entrepreneur.

Printed Using Uv-Resin


Figures and decoration object

Finding an unique item it's difficult task and may cost alot, but with sand stone printing the task become much easier for you, you can orderd your design and select to be printed with sandstone to get the harsh texture of the object.

Printed Using sandstone


Enginnering Prototyping

Enginnering prottyping and moodeling now it's much easier with the hard printed object and strong to be used under unstable conditions, even high tempreture up to 100c, even it can be in the real scale.

Printed Using PLA-PRO

Do you want to 3D print something

3D print for your designes, models and your unique objects.

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